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Once a year, when the winds change… they gather… the time is fast approaching… something wicked this way comes…

Welcome to Briar Cliff Township ~ New England’s best kept secret…turns out, it has a few secrets of its own… 


He spotted her accidentally; not knowing what she was until it was too late.  She beguiled him with her beauty, mesmerizing him with her bewitching eyes, her long flowing auburn hair twisting in the wind.  She was the fairest maiden he had ever seen.  It hurt to look upon her, she was so very beautiful.  So when she beckoned him to her, he went willingly. He closed the space between them, feeling her pull harnessing him to her.  He said not a word; he slipped his hand around her back, pulling her closer.  She looked up at him with such innocence his entire body shook from it.  His mouth seized hers in a kiss that shattered his very soul.  Her deep red lips succulent, beyond anything he had ever known.  He tasted her sweetness emitting from her mouth and delved deeper, savoring every moment.  Such sweetness; his heart pounded erratically.  She lifted her fingers to his hair, threading them through the ends, then tugging playfully.  He smiled down at her, nuzzling her neck.  The sweetness of their shared kisses turned into something more frenetic, urgency began to fill him; he was a young man, but his experience with women was very limited.  He was clumsy, anxious; he hardened quickly, wanting more, not able to slow his raging urgency.  She lay upon the ground, her long cloak beneath, giving them some defense against the cold floor of the forest.  He pulled her gown up, exposing her flawless body; she wore nothing underneath. His breath caught in his throat at the sight of her.  She fumbled with front of his hose, releasing him fully into her hands, squeezing.  His breath caught in his throat, he moaned in sheer ecstasy.  He ran his hands over her breasts gently, not wanting to mar their simple perfection.  She pulled him back down and kissed him fervently; taking everything he had to offer and more than he was capable of giving.  He wanted to thrust inside of her, to feel her close around him.  He was losing his mind, but she kept whispering to wait.  He didn’t understand, he didn’t think he could… she pushed against him, the sweet kisses turned into something cold, calculating.  She began to scream; fear seized him… he did not want to harm her, he only wanted to be close to her as any man would want to be with a woman, except he was not yet a man.  She was a woman, though…  
The torches broke into the tree line, bathing them both in the flickering light.  Angry screams filled the air around him; he looked at her beseechingly, not knowing what he had done wrong.  He was pulled from her forcefully; he tried to fight, trying to reach her.  She was screaming now, at the men who held him, not to release him, but to punish him for what he had done to her… his heart shattered, blackness seeped into his soul as they dragged him forward toward a pyre.  They gathered around her as she cursed him and spat upon him.  Vile words were tossed upon his head as jeers to kill him filled the air; he was being damned for a crime he did not commit. 
The light receded and the darkness filled the area, swallowing all around in its icy grasp.    He looked up to the sky, not knowing why something so wonderful could turn so twisted and bleak within a hairbreadth of a moment.  He cast his gaze in her direction, not struggling any longer, but seeing her with another pair of eyes, ones that were no longer clouded by a young man’s desire, lust, and infatuation.  His day had suddenly turned dark; she was not a fair pure maiden, but a tainted she-devil, luring him to his own demise. 
He struggled once more to break free, but it was no use.  He was tied to the pyre; a torch set the mound ablaze.  He closed his eyes and prepared to feel the burn engulfing him, his short life flashing by.  But instead of feeling the burning heat of the fire, he felt a cold spread against him from the outside in, turning his human remains not to ash, but to stone.  
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