Excerpt –The Witchlings -Midnight Curse 

The skies hung dark and heavy as the thundery clouds rolled in from the sea. The wind howled and Roxy felt it gnawing through her clothes and biting at her skin. She wrapped her arms around herself in an attempt to muster up some body heat but it didn’t really work. The icy chill in the air was a stark contrast to what the beach had been like only a few hours earlier. The white bikini she was wearing earlier had been replaced by a tight black leather all in one ensemble, a strange and somewhat kinky choice for a dream she thought. Her eyes scanned the beach for inhabitants and there were none, none that she could see, but she could feel them, feel their eyes watching, waiting for something. In the distance a fire burned bright and warm, she began to make her way over to it thinking it would offer her some comfort from the wind chill. There was something strange about it, something she couldn’t quite put her finger on, but she knew it was strange. Her eyes struggled to focus on the bizarre shapes that flew above the fire. The distant laughing or chanting she could hear made the puzzled look on her face grow. The shapes spotted her, they stopped flying and floated down to earth in formation. Seven strange objects began taking form into… into humans. Disguised humans wearing black floor length cloaks with large hoods hiding their identities. They looked warmer than Roxy which she didn’t think was very fair considering it was her dream. Her pulse quickened and her mouth was dry. She needed to get away from there, to run and hide, Except there was nowhere to hide, nowhere to run to for safety. Panic set in as she felt them get closer but she could not move, she sensed of herself sinking further and further in to the sand. It was as though they had placed her into some kind of trance but still with her full awareness.
Suddenly total silence captured the beach. No more chants, no howling wind and no roaring waves crashing 
against the rocks. They were now right in front of her. Seven figures swathed in black. A scream worked its way 
up but got stuck in the back of her throat. They dis-robed right there on the beach, their faces started to come 
into focus .THE ELITES.

Roxy gasped for breath as she tried to scamper backwards but made no progress. They were silent - just 
looking, staring deep into her soul. She didn’t understand, the Elites didn’t scare her, yes they interested her 
and she was completely besotted by Luke but she was definitely not scared of them at all. But the seventh, he 
had yet to remove his robe. Who could it be, there were six Elites and six Elites had removed their robes. Her 
look read scared and confused. The Elites turned to look at the seventh figure, he started to lower the cape. It 
dropped to the floor.

“M.. M.. M…….. MUM !”

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 About The Author
Amanda Turner, Age 38, married with 2 children. I decided last year to publish my first novel Midnight curse (The Witchlings #1). Blood moon (the Witchlings #2) is out 30th October and Shadowlands (The Witchlings #3) is scheduled for next spring.


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