Blood Slave
Captured, taken from her beloved family and woods, Aria’s biggest fear is not the imminent death facing her, but that she will be chosen as a blood slave for a member of the ruling vampire race. No matter what becomes of her though, Aria knows that she must keep her identity hidden from the monsters imprisoning her. She has already been branded a member of the rebellion, but the vampires do not know the true depth of her involvement with it, and they must never know. Though hoping for death, Aria’s world is turned upside down when a vampire named Braith steps forward to claim her. He delays her execution, but Aria knows it’s only a matter of time before he drains her, and destroys her. Especially once she learns his true identity as a prince within the royal family; the same royal family that started the war that ultimately brought down humankind, reducing them to nothing more than servants and slaves. Aria is determined to hate the prince, determined not to give into him in anyway, but his strange kindness, and surprising gentleness astonish her. Torn between her loyalties to the rebellion, and her growing love for her greatest enemy, Aria struggles to decide between everything she has ever known, and a love she never dreamed of finding.

Excerpt - Captured

   Aria was gasping, nearly hyperventilating. She was trying hard to remain brave, but she could feel a shattering growing inside of her, a breaking of her soul that was far more painful than anything she had ever experienced before. And she had experienced some very painful things in her life. But this, this was the worst. This man was going to do many many things to her. None of them would be good, and all of them would be designed to savage her body, and her mind.
   She wanted to believe that he would not succeed, but from the leering, perverse look in his eyes, she wasn’t so sure he wouldn’t.

   Money was exchanged; the two vamps holding her released her to the vampire that now owned her. She wanted to flee, run screaming down the street, but she would not get far, and she would not give them the satisfaction of seeing her snap. She would not give them the satisfaction of recapturing her and taking their pleasure out on her. The vamp began pulling her toward the stairs. She staggered, trying to keep her shaking legs beneath her as he all but dragged her across the stage.

   “Wait!” The voice boomed across the crowd gathered within the street. It rang with authority, and a note of command that stopped even Aria in her tracks. The vamp holding her froze instantly, his hand loosened upon her arm, but he did not release her. There was a rippling amongst the throng, murmurs filled the air but were swiftly silenced as the crowd began to step aside to reveal a tall man standing in the middle of the street.

   Well, not a man actually, but one of her most hated foes.

   He stood casually, his broad shoulders thrust back. His black hair was tussled; it fell about his hard face in waves that highlighted his dangerous good looks. Dark glasses were settled upon his well defined nose, they completely shaded his eyes. The dark blue shirt he wore clung to his lithe figure, showing a hint of the muscles that ridged his abdomen and chest. His hands were folded before him, resting on the head of a cane with a silver handle that she could not see. At his side sat a grey wolf. The wolf’s eyes were bright, green, and eerily focused upon her as it sat motionlessly.

   Behind the man two other vamps flanked his sides, but Aria hardly paid them any attention as the striking creature began to make his way forward. The tip of the cane clicked softly upon the pavement, the wolf padded silently at his side. The wolf moved before him as they reached the stairs, brushing against his legs before climbing onto the stage.

   The man, however, did not make a move to come onto the stage. The vampire that had claimed her finally broke the heavy, profound silence. His voice quivered slightly as he spoke. “Your highness?”

   Aria started in surprise, her mouth parted on a small gasp as she took in the powerful stranger with new eyes. Though not much was known about the vampire stronghold, she had heard a little about the prince. She’d heard rumors of the future leader, of the one that would one day rule all of their fates, if his father was ever killed. She had also heard that he was just as cruel and heartless a bastard as his old man was.

   Aria straightened her shoulders, a wave of defiance washed through her as she clenched her jaw and lifted her chin. She didn’t know what came over her, but her terror swiftly vanished in the face of this man, and now she was angry. Pissed actually, royally pissed by the inhumane and unfair treatment of her fellow man. The wolf brushed against her, startling her slightly, but she was able to keep her surprise hidden as the animal settled at her feet.

   The vamp holding her shivered slightly, his fear became almost palpable. Apparently some of the rumors she had heard about the prince were true, as everyone seemed to be afraid of the creature before her. The prince’s mouth quirked slightly, amusement flitted briefly over his hard features. The thick glasses he wore covered his eyes, but she could feel his attention riveted upon her, feel his keen interest as he watched her.

   “She will come with me.” 

About The Author-
Though my name is not really Erica Stevens, it is a pen name that I chose in memory of two amazing friends lost too soon, I do live in Mass with my wonderful husband and our fish Sam, Woody, Hawk eye, Klinger, and Radar. I have a large and crazy family that I fit in well with. I am thankful every day for the love and laughter they have brought to my life. I have always loved to write and am an avid reader.

My book is Captured the first book in The Captive Series. Book 2 Renegade is also available and I am working on the third in the series.   

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