Excerpt – Into the Deep

My chest heaved as I tried to find air but only came up with water. I remember feeling hands on my chest, and lips hovering above mine. I remember murmured voices that sounded like I was hearing them from the end of a long tunnel. Someone said something about blood, someone wondered if I was dead. I heard it all clearly but the words were distant and had a strange ring to them. I wheezed and jolted upward finally finding my breath and my eyes popped open. I saw Damon hunched over beside me, looking frightened, his eyes wide, mouth curved down into a trembling frown. He moved his hands back to his sides. There was an audible gasp and I looked around to see all my friends above me looking on with concern. I had fallen, I had nearly drowned. Damon had pulled me from the pool and I could still feel soreness on my chest where he’d pressed against my ribs to preform CPR.
     “Ivy, are you okay?” Tiana asked.
     “You scared the hell out of us,” Eliza added.
     Christy remained silent. When I looked to her, I saw her arms were wrapped tightly around herself and her eyes were cast at the ground as if they were tied down to something heavy.
     I sat up and Damon helped me to my feet, my hand instinctively moved to the back of my throbbing head. There my fingers found a mass of hot, wet tangled hair. I felt dizzy and my head was spinning. My eyes caught Chase’s and the intense glare of his green eyes made me look away. That was when I saw the puddle of an oily black substance on the cement where I’d been laying. As I glanced to the pool, I saw a smoke-like gray color swirling in the water. I pulled my hand away and looked down at my fingers. They were coated with blood.
     “You with us, Ivy?” Christy asked. “You look like shit.”
     I looked to her. She may have snapped out of whatever daze she had been in, but I felt like I was slowly falling away from reality. My head felt heavy as if my brain were swollen. It felt as if it was a sponge that had soaked up all the pool water and now sat engorged balancing on my neck, and I was bleeding.
     “Ivy?” Damon then asked.
     When I looked to him, I found that, despite the pain, I could focus. “Yeah, yeah I’m fine I think.”
     “Thank God,” Christy said, “I so didn’t want to have to call an ambulance and explain what we were doing here.”
     I did my best not to roll my eyes at her and then we heard it. The not so distant sound of a car pulling to a stop, and then the main pool house door opening and clicking shut.
     “What’s that?” Ti said and we all turned to look toward the pool house. Then the light inside flicked on.
     “Shit, it’s the security guard,” Eliza said, “We’ve got to go.”
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About The Autor-
Lauryn is an indi writer in the young adult / adult paranormal romance genre. She lives in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and is currently seeking a degree in Psychology. Her debut book "Into the Deep" explores the intricacies of the adolescent mind; and how feelings of lonliness and judgement affect young adults. You can find out more about her on her blog where she writes about her experiences writing and shares her opinion about books.

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