EXCERPT – BOY Who Dreams

On the way back along the corridor Jordan bumped into Louise.
“Hey Jordan.”
“Was coming to see if you left.”
“Sorry to disappoint you,” he said sarcastically.
“Don’t be like that… I’m actually glad you’re here Jordan.”
“Yer right.”
“I’ll prove it to you… come on…” she said, dragging him back into the party and straight out onto the dance floor.
She started to dance and Jordan joined in, the DJ changed the song to ‘meet me halfway’ by the Black Eyed Peas. It was a slow song so they danced together up close.
“I’m sorry about Mark… you must miss him?” she whispered into his ear.
“Yer… school is so strange now… everything is different,” he replied.
“I’m sorry too about freaking out and stuff…” she said sincerely, looking into his eyes.
“It’s ok… it’s just been weird without anyone around.”
“It’s been hard for me too Jordan… you see, I’ve always liked you and… like it’s hard to explain, but my family… like I don’t think they’d let me be with you…” she said.
“I thought your dad liked me?”
“He does like you but I don’t think he’s likes you that much… and with everything that’s going on with you… I would have to hide all that from them and I don’t want to spend my life hiding things from my mum and dad… do you understand?” she said.
“Yer… kinda,” said Jordan, I knew her dad had hidden opinions about me.
“But I have missed you…” she said.
“…and Eric?” he said.
“I thought I would give it a go but… turns out my dad doesn’t like him either, so now I
don’t know what to do,” she said.
“But Louise… you shouldn’t live life by what your parents think,” he explained.
“It’s just hard to explain how it is… they want me to live a certain way… and I don’t think they’d accept anything else… anyways I am sorry for how I’ve treated you,” she said.
“Hey it’s ok… I forgive you… and listen… just cause your dad won’t let us go out together… doesn’t mean we can’t be good friends,” he said.
“Best of friends?” she beamed.

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About the Author-
Mike Cesar has been writing now for a number of years.  He was brought up in Ireland in a Christian family and his beliefs are centered upon his upbringing. He enjoys writing in various genres; however, he always likes to include some spiritual elements to the book.  He has a number of projects in mind for the future, and at the moment he is currently working upon a book he plans to call Boy at War, which is the next book in a series after Boy who dreams.

He is a firm believer that everyone has their own path to walk in life, and part of that walk is all about the choices that you make. Some people choose a good life and some a wicked life, but most of us live the life in the middle, influenced by the world around us and our own upbringing, life is simply not black and white.