This section contains an excerpt from my novel titled Pieces.

A group of twelve men and women dressed in loose black robes; chanted around a makeshift lighted altar, within the middle of the circle.
“Reveal yourself to the sky, our naked bodies close the connection!” Lilith Moonglow led the coven in the incantation circle. “Intermingle each other’s energy with the night and our lord Asmodeus.”
The bizarre group was concealed; framed by a cluster of trees, with a precipitous cliff in the foreground and the Pacific’s frothy waves in the background.
Each member dropped hoods and robes from their shoulders to reveal nude forms. A faint silver light from the new moon shimmered off translucent bodies.
“We are all equal animals before you, the father of all things. I call out your spirit from the deep recesses of the earth!” Lilith Moonglow had a profusion of curly auburn hair that cascaded along her back. She had alabaster skin, lifted ribs along with full hips and breasts. A garland of vines wrapped across her throat and fell down her chest.
“Let no one be present, unless his heart is open.” Lyman Blackmore issued the incantation that he had prepared earlier that day. The spell was arranged under Lilith’s guidance, design and supervision.
Lyman passed a gold leaf paper to Lilith, with an incantation inside a pentagram. The paper went around the coven circle; each member held the spell for a moment then passed it along.
“Asmodeus, the god of luck and gambling…I beseech thee, arise now in our midst!”
The picturesque night view of Land’s End overlooked the Marin Headlands, the Golden Gate Bridge and led out toward the Pacific Ocean.
“This spell is charged with our intent.” Lilith stood between the nude witches on top of a soft sandy spot. She motioned in the air with a silver dagger, tracing an imagined star inside a circle, to form a pentagram.
The witches raised their hands to release the power of the new moon. Lilith placed the paper within a footed pot and lit a fire with a candle.
Whoosh! A spirit rustled leaves with the winds, broke waves, ground rocks below and uttered eerie audible noises that were near the coven.
“Pure and real, the spell is cast! My touch releases the bounds of your immortal soul.” Lilith anointed him (never touching his body) with her hands…from Lyman’s forehead to his toes. When he turned around, she motioned similarly across his back and calves. “Hail and welcome our master! Our touch and naked bodies represent the connection between us, the release of the power of the coven!” Power flowed within the circle! “We assemble in secret!” An ethereal mist flickered with a soft glow. “Ah!” Lilith writhed and caused her long red tresses to undulate on her bare shoulders. “Master, you are here!”
Who asked me? The other worldly male voice came out of Lilith’s body. Human, you will obey me! Her eyes rolled back in her head. Or, face my retribution! Her body contorted in an unnatural posture.
“Dear master,” Lyman said. “Please bring wealth to my gambling house…I assure you of your benefit to the coven!”
Be warned and don’t break your promise! Lyman felt a whooshing surge of energy enter his body. In less than an instant, it was gone. He collapsed, his body crumpled by overwhelming fatigue. Thud! He hit the dirt in the middle of the circle.

ABOUT the author
Why do I write? Having lived a full life, I reached a tipping point.  Right now, I am overflowing. I write because I have no choice but to write. My growing up years were spent in Northwestern New Mexico. In a landscape of ancient puebloans, criminal minds, a uranium boom and UFO’s. Where there were early signposts to a writing life. Now I live in San Francisco, my adopted hometown, which is the vibrant city that inspires my work.
Where do my characters come from? All of them are shreds of truth borrowed (joined, dissected, rearranged, etc.) from real people. I have met every imaginable eccentric along the way. From the meathead bodybuilder, to a wealthy social climber, afterward a loudmouthed drag queen, then a notorious gang leader and finally a leggy brunette beauty in a skirt and heels.
What do I write? My books are occult paranormal that mix and match genre. I love crime, fantasy, horror and science fiction.

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I collaborate with the artist Solis for cover images and involvement in the city’s eclectic arts community.
I organize a weekly creative writer’s critique group that reads each other’s selections to provide written and verbal critique feedback.

I am currently working on a new novel that will be a paranormal action thriller. With identical twins, identity switches, secret clues, a haunted hotel and a twist ending.
After that I am working on a serialized set of connected stories about spiritualism. With an Ouija board, tarot cards, a medium’s séance and a fortune teller machine.

Check out my blog for occult paranormal novels, crime dramas, art installations and city life. I offer tons of content, updated every couple of days, with free PDF and MP3 downloads focused on arts and culture. Also find multi-media mash-ups, art assemblages, video/ audio author interviews and a tour of noir San Francisco.

This section contains reviews of each book including the web link.

"I read "Picker" in one sitting, after I was drawn into a taut, compelling crime story -- first by a sharply detailed, culturally complex and authentic rendering of place (New Mexico) and then by a skillful interweaving of well-articulated characters, parallel main plot and subplots, and events spanning two generations in time. I especially appreciated how the consequences of crime in this story play out in invisible, complex, and delayed ways, wherein cause-and-effect defies conventional expectations."

Unique and Different. Science Fiction combined with Paranormal. It has an interesting way of keeping you wanting to know more doubt each character and the events.

It's odd, it's weird, and it gets, you guessed it, even "Weirder." I loved this book; just like the title suggests, it is a bit weird to read, but the story is good, and off at times, but a wonderful addition to my slightly off collection. I would highly recommend it for teen boys - in that weird moment kind of read. Love it. Keep it up! 

“Chad Schimke's book 'Pieces' is a masterpiece of intrigue, suspense and magical spells...and walks you right into the everyday paranormal - and he shows how silently ubiquitous it can be at every turn. Based in the city I am from, San Francisco, reading this book took me back to this city rich in stories and history. The author knows San Francisco inside and out and so, combined with such well-developed characters, complete with a witch and much more, made for such compelling reading.. that I couldn't put this book down.”
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Picker is a crime drama that incorporates the creation myths, mysteries and miracles of New Mexico.
Pieces is paranormal suspense with a series of inter-connected character driven vignettes, about multi-cultural characters in San Francisco. 
Weirder is a macabre fantasy horror about an apprentice magician and a bearded lady’s traveling carnival.
Walker is science fiction with an alternative to vampires, aliens and human hybrids.

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2 Novels: Picker and Pieces
2 Novelettes: Walker and Weirder
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