Excerpt - soul survivor
Grayson left his chair. For a historian, a world without time was an especially difficult concept to grasp, but while on his way to the window to look at the approaching storm, he was admitting to himself that there was apparently more truth, than not, to Prothro’s ideology.
“There is an exceptionally strong argument to be made that we are first and foremost spiritual beings having only a brief physical experience¾not the other way around,” Prothro said from behind him. “Time in our physical bodies is very limited, and the older you get, the more apparent that becomes.”
“So, did I see the ghosts with my physical eyes, or did I momentarily see into the spiritual realm?”
“There’s no clear science on this, but the general consensus is that you have seen with your spiritual eyes. They have opened, and in your case, I suspect they were opened by Sophia entering your soul.”
“Will my spiritual eyes ever close?”
Prothro shook his head. “Mine haven’t.”
Grayson watched the window being dotted with drops of rain from the fast approaching shower. Life as he had once enjoyed it was over, he was concluding in the moment that the rain turned heavy on the window. As instantaneous as a flash of lightening, he had been transfigured from strong and sane to lame and loony.  
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About The Author
Rosanna McCoy’s writing career began with roots in song writing.  But when she became a full-time mom, her interests turned to Children’s Literature.  She wrote several articles for children’s magazines and award winning children’s stories.  Her interests again changed when the nest emptied and, as an ardent reader of fiction, she turned her talents toward novel writing.

Rosanna’s debut novel Soul Survivor combines her love for the enchanted state of New Mexico and her fascination with the paranormal.  She lives on a small piece of West Texas with her husband, two devoted golden retrievers, and two narcissistic cats.
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