HAPPY Friday! Batman vs Superman

Batman vs Superman

I have always considered myself more of a Batman kind of girl-
Hot+ Rich +Tortured +Plethora of Cool Gadgets+ even better car= Batman.
Seriously, what is there not to like.

Superman on the other hand always a seemed bit too squeaky for me-
Weird Curl + Spandex Suit w/ Red tighties + only has eyes for Lois + and
actually is an alien = Superman

However, just as Batman has gained his lost ground back with Christian Bale + Bruce Wayne = Batman, who is by far my favorite actor who has played that particular leading man ensconced in that super human rubber bat suit = Perfect

Superman may have hope yet and gain some much needed ground with -  Henry Cavill + Clark Kent  = Superman with a darker edge, and let’s face it not too shabby on the eyes either!
I still doubt he will be able to take Batman down,
 but he just may be, a really, really good, close second.
…could be Epic.