It's Amazing...It's Incredible...It's

Hosted by none other than 
The Zombie Queen = 
 Coffee Loving + Stiletto Wearin’ + Zombie Lovin’ =  Bookish-Brunette

Even if you are NOT PRO ZOMBIE = me (admitted only in a dark room with the door bolted shut and a can of Zombie repellent firmly in my grasp) 
there will be plenty of goodies to keep you amused for days+ weeks 
= June 1st – June 31st

Regardless of the teams +bandwagon+riding on= lots of fun

Be sure to stop by at least once = 1 + 29 = 30 times 
= you don't want to miss out on the fun 0_0

Whether you are Team Zombie or Team Human there promises to be
a little something for everyone = Zombies like to share <3 
=not one to miss 

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