Briarcliff, elyograg

briarcliff Series, Book One

#1 BESTSELLING DARK URBAN FANTASY SERIES ..."The paranormal romance that centers the story and pulls you into its embrace like a lover you had forgotten how much you enjoyed kissing. There is mystery and more than anything there is the need to find out what dark secret lies at the core of it all.” Sookie Stackhouse Reviews 

YA Paranormal Dark Fantasy for Adults

Briar Cliff Township might look like any other picturesque New England town, but it harbors a dark secret. For much of the year it is indeed like so many of the little towns of privilege tucked away amongst the forests of the New England coast. But when the winds change old stirrings arise from forgotten misdeeds and a thirst for vengeance. 




Order of books in this Series

Briarcliff, Elyograg Vol. I

Briarcliff, Gargoyle Vol. 2

Briarcliff, Degare Vol. 3

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