Excerpt -The Aduramis Chronicles: Destiny of the Wulf

The scene of devastation outside the temple grounds left a lump in the throat, and rent the hearts of onlookers. The sheer destruction of the once beautiful grounds outside the temple brought a tear to many an eye and fuelled anger in others.
Amidst campfires, thousands of goblins, overshadowed by four giants, prepared for battle. Ancient trees had been uprooted and honed into clubs by the handful of giants. They drove huge iron spikes into the ends and tested the lethality of each.
On the front line, goblin chiefs and shaman leaders issued orders to the rabble before them, their orb staffs glowing multitudes of colors. They were a deadly force, yet disorganized, and that was often their downfall. The old adage, ‘Too many cooks...’ applied to their military leadership, but thousands had amassed, alongside several mountain trolls and the giants, and this was an unusual occurrence.
The invaders had formed a huge semicircle in front of the temple gates, and the roar of the horde deafened all in its vicinity. Several crude animal horns added to the noise, and psyched the goblin army for war.
On the temple side of the gates, several battlemages stood deep in concentration, keeping an enchantment upon the gates, which was at present the only thing that kept the attackers at bay. These few men and women after years of study and discipline provided the primary protection for the order.
The archmage and curator, alongside a dozen permitted mages, were the only others capable of tapping into the elemental forces in this manner, but their actions drained the mind and body and the effects were often only temporary. These skills were used only in times of dire need, and in this instance, to allow the gathered troops to make ready.
A dozen goblins lay dead at the foot of the huge gates. Every so often a chieftain would send an unwilling volunteer to approach them. As the volunteer grasped its bars, a purple flash emitted from the metal. The goblin would spasm, endure heart failure, and froth at the mouth, to then drop dead.
Curator Menin had changed her clothing; she looked magnificent in steel and white. A red sash ran left to right across her chest, emblazoned with the temple’s emblem. She wore the Rose of Cerathil proudly upon her chest and a sword dangled at her side. Strapped to her left arm was a shaped steel shield with sharpened edges. She limped from her study onto a balcony that overlooked the battlefield. Her closest aides and generals followed and took position beside her. To their left stood a grand stone table with a rough map of the area, and carved figures represented the combatants below.
Menin surveyed her troops. “Lieutenant General Torith, I think the left flank is weak.” Her lips pursed.
Lieutenant General Torith looked up from his map, scanned his men and nodded with a grunt. He called a runner to him. “Send word to Captain Dalbo to move his men to the vineyard.”
The runner saluted and took off at full pelt. Torith turned to Menin. “My apologies, it will not happen again.” He bowed respectfully.
“See that it does not,” said General Jericho tersely.
Torith returned to his map and altered his figurines to match his order.
“He’s not himself of late,” said Jericho quietly.
“His wife nearly lost their first child during his birth. I think we can go easy on him,” replied Menin. “Would you find and fetch Coinin for me?”
“You want me to leave, now? I could send one of my men.”
“No, I don’t trust anyone else with his safety.”
“Very well, just don’t start without me.” Jericho turned and left the balcony.

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About the Author-
Harrison Davies (1973 - ) was born in Hartlepool in the United Kingdom. He now resides in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North of England. His passions include the written word, visual media such as indie filmmaking, and photography.
He lives with his long time partner, Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Patch, and an African Grey Parrot called Oliver. Harrison completed his second book in early 2012.
To quote thyself: "It is far easier to launch oneself from a high place in the hope of sprouting wings and taking flight, than it is to write a book. Yet once you've mastered it, you will be soaring higher than the birds." -Harrison Davies 2012.

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