Excerpt- Evolution

I was sure my face had turned bright red. “Okay, okay,” I said with a laugh, a few tears slipping from my eyes. I grabbed onto his shirt, pulling him into me, trying to stop him from going on any more.
It didn’t work. He nuzzled my ear. “Perfect ears.” He kissed my nose. “Perfect nose.” He moved slowly down so that his lips brushed against mine. “Perf—”
Before he could say anymore, I pressed my lips against his. He cupped my head in his hands, kissing me softly, then quickly increasing the intensity. With all the drama over the past two days, it was only in this moment that the world stopped spinning me around. I forgot about my freakish healing abilities, and the fact that I was supposed to be special. All that occupied my mind was Aiden. No matter what life threw my way, he was my constant. He made me feel safe. I was wrapped in his arms, but it wasn’t enough. I wanted more; I wanted all of him. I wanted him to take me in his arms and carry me up those stairs.
That thought was quickly squashed when I realised that not only Aiden could hear my desire, but his mother could, too.
Abruptly pulling away, I mouthed, “Oh my God.” I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks at the realisation of what exactly it meant that they could hear my thoughts. My mind reeled with all the indecent thoughts, fantasies, and things that we had got up to in our relationship that not only Aiden knew about me, but his mother and father did, too.
Aiden laughed.
“This is nothing to laugh about,” I said pushing him away from me. “God, they know everything!” I felt like I was going to puke. I didn’t know how I was going to face them ever again. “Oh my God,” I repeated over and over.
“Jade.” When I didn’t answer, he grabbed hold of me by my shoulders.
I wriggled in his arms, still cringing from my realization.
He laughed again. “I think there are some things that not even a mother wants to hear.”
“She may not have wanted to hear it, but she sure as hell heard it from me.”
“Jade. Listen to me.” He still had a smile plastered across his face. I stopped muttering so he could talk. “We can choose to tune out someone’s thoughts.”
“Even if that were true, they would have caught the first part of it before tuning out, so they still heard things!” I had never been so embarrassed in my entire life.
“Trust me, they tune out before they hear anything.”
“How? How could they possibly know to tune out before I even had a single thought?”
Aiden had a smile that stretched from ear to ear. “Well, you sort of give off a vibe before you start thinking about me. Your heart starts beating faster, and that’s when they know to tune out.”
“Oh, God, that’s still bad enough.” I buried my head in my hands. I didn’t know how I was going to face them ever again. It was even worse knowing that they weren’t his sister and brother-in-law, but his parents. God, nobody wants their boyfriend’s parents to know about their love life. And to think, just how often they would have had to ‘tune out.’ That alone was enough for me to die of embarrassment—if that were possible.

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About The Author-

Kelly is 31 and lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and 3yr old son.
The idea for Evolution came to Kelly in high school during an English exam, and had played on her mind ever since. While on maternity leave she decided to take the leap and publish her first book, Evolution.

Tormented (book 2 of the Evolution series) is scheduled to be released mid October 2012.