For most of the night he was friendly, charming and flirty.  A couple of times, however, she thought she saw something unsettling and sinister about him.  It was something she would never be able to actually explain, but it was as if she had seen another person somewhere underneath his pleasant exterior.  Someone who was snarling at her.  Ready to pounce.  To smash her face, again and again, against the table if she didn’t give him what he wanted.  Or worse.

However it was nothing more than a glimpse that she saw out the corner of her eye, and when she looked back it was gone.  It was just Hugh sitting there, smiling and laughing as he always did.  She put it down to nerves, and the fact that she was in an unfamiliar place with a man she had only met the other day; the wine was also clouding her judgement.
After a while, she felt completely at ease in his company.
Later on, they went to another venue that had a dance floor.  He whispered in her ear that he also found the absence of her brassiere very liberating.  She laughed, and playfully slapped his hands away.
They walked back to his apartment, sliding across one or two car bonnets on the way.  It was late and dark when they got to the complex, so there was no-one hanging around outside, but Hugh didn’t even notice.  He was too busy giving Abigail a piggy back to care about anything else.  As they took the lift up to his floor, in the mirror’s reflection Abigail thought she saw that sinister look on Hugh’s face once more.  Yet when she looked back, it was gone.

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