excerpt - Who is Audrey Wickersham

There was suddenly a sharp knock on the front door and we both shouted out simultaneously.
“Wow! Talk about being on edge,” Bruce said. “I’ll go get that, it’s probably Agnes.” He got up and walked away to get the door, and I started thinking about Kirk again. I was wondering if there really was anything else behind the kiss, or if it had just been an “of the moment” type of thing, when I heard Bruce call out, “Audrey…maybe you should go get your dad.”
I jumped up from the couch, becoming concerned at the tone of his voice, and went over to the front door to see what had caused him to sound that way.
What I saw startled me. It was a wizened old man, holding a large wooden staff, wearing a tattered blue cloak. He was hunched over and this made him look incredibly frail, but when he met my eyes suddenly with his sharp blue ones, I could see there was nothing frail about him mentally. He seemed to flinch though when he made eye contact with me, and then he said, “It’s you, isn’t it?”
“What’s me? Who are you?” I stepped sideways so that I was behind Bruce and grabbed his shoulders, and then peeked out around him so I could still see the little old man. He had a full head of wild silver hair, and those eyes were electric.
“You are infected with the Zomorwai, and you must be eliminated.”
After a brief moment of shocked silence, Bruce and I both said, “Shit.”

Additional Excerpt-

"I watched the monster reach up slowly over his shoulders, growling angrily, to try and grope at Kirk, wanting to yank him off. Kirk crushed tighter around his neck, squeezing his eyes shut with the effort, obviously putting all of his strength and energy into this maneuver. It seemed to have no impact on the giant, however. He had begun to thump Kirk vigorously on the head, while still managing to glare at me and take another step in my direction.
           I prepared to be throttled and ran towards him, going for his midsection. I ran directly into his lower abdomen with my shoulder and almost fell back onto the ground, but was caught and pushed back up by my dad. I looked back at him to see him making eye contact with the creature (that’s how I was coming to think of this guy) and then he looked at me and said, “Give him everything you’ve got, Aud, I’ll try and go around back to help Kirk.”
           I steeled myself up again and rammed him once more. “Shit,” I yelled, gripping my shoulder with my undamaged arm. The damn thing didn’t even seem to notice me now. Kirk had his head tilted back and was pulling him by the nostrils.
           Suddenly I saw a small plastic object fly past my shoulder and thump the big guy in the eye. He made a loud unpleasant sound and lurched forward towards me again. I backed up a little and looked over my shoulder to see Bruce hiding behind the kitchen counter, with a little arsenal of household items lined up in front of him. He had another one ready and aimed to fire. He met my eye and then winked at me, giving me a companionable grin. Hey, whatever worked, right? I looked around and didn’t see Agnes, but then turned quickly back to my own battle. I heard my dad making some noises, and I assumed he was having a hard time with this gargantuan pain in the ass. I was scared then, because I knew if Kirk and I couldn’t take him, my dad definitely shouldn’t be involved.
           I faced the creature again, sucked in my breath, and this time went for his legs. I hit him hard, full force. He had been lifting one leg up to walk forward again and I knocked him off balance a bit. I saw him suddenly get a grip on Kirk, finally, as he also began tilting precariously to the left, and he threw him across the room. Kirk landed right on our television, causing it to explode, making Bruce cry out from the kitchen.         
           I waited for the giant to either fall or catch his balance, unfortunately it was the latter, and then I rammed his legs again. I felt him scoop me up as I did this, and lift me over his head. He was about to toss me as he did Kirk when I suddenly heard someone shout, “Dolph!” loudly, sounding as if they were in pain. He swiveled in the direction the shout had come from, bringing me with him, though I was seeing everything upside down now, and I saw my dad standing over a much shorter, sharp-featured, skeletal version of the man-beast that was currently holding me above his head.
       “Davin,” my captor said slowly, sounding slightly confused. Before he could react any further, my dad swung down with a huge battle sword that he had kept in his den and had purchased from a Renaissance Faire we had attended a few years back, and slammed it directly into Davin’s head, literally cutting off any response he may have had to his colossal brother."

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About The Author -
"I currently live in Orange County, CA, with my husband Scott, step daughter Kayli, best friend/roommate James, and our two pet rats, Dobby and Oy. We are all very close and have a lot of fun living together. We are all obsessed with movies, and we seem to be constantly accumulating them to the point that we have our own private Blockbuster in our house.
I have been reading horror mainly since I was a little kid, and I picked up my first Christopher Pike book. I still have his Last Vampire series that I keep up on my shelf. After him I went on to Stephen King, and I decided to read Carrie first, since that was also the first novel that he wrote, and then I just became obsessed with him and that has lasted up until now, to the point that I have a tattoo from the fifth book in his Dark Tower series, which I am extremely proud of.
I also love Ray Bradbury, Jean M. Auel, Charlaine Harris, Cate Tiernan, Anne Rice, Chuck Palahniuk, Rachel Caine, Jason Pargin (David Wong), Michael Crichton, Orson Scott Card, George R.R. Martin and many more.I have been writing now, off and on, for about twenty years. Most of what I write is short stories and poems. My first published story was in a book called Begin at the Beginning, when I was fourteen. It was a compilation with a bunch of other students at the time, and it was a lot of fun. My parents and other family members always encouraged my writing, but it was my husband who finally nudged me into writing an actual book (and was also my “muse”). I decided to write a young adult book because I love reading them, so I figured it would be just as much fun to write one. And I was right!"