Excerpt from the much anticipated release of Amanda Turner’s fascinating second installment in the Witchling’s Trilogy–The Witchlings Blood Moon -sneak peek into the pages…

BANG BANG BANG. It sounded like the windows were about to shatter.
“What the hell is that?” Spencer shouted and took a stance preparing to fight.
“Step back from the windows. Luke watch Roxanne and your mother. Ryan stay with the girls. Spencer come with me. “
Everyone did as they were bid, Luke ushered Mrs. Nero and Roxy over to Ryan and took his place by Spencer’s side behind Catherine. Gingerly they neared the window. The boys grabbed either side of the curtains while Catherine readied herself to deliver whatever magic the situation called for.
No one could have predicted the sight that met their eyes. Out side thousands of crows lined the fences. On the ground lay countless dead ones. Not a single patch of ground could be seen for their dead bodies. The windows had cracked under the constant barrage of kamikaze birds. Crows flying straight into the glass, not letting up for a second. A million more were in flight circling the outskirts of the estate. The noise was deafening, shrill tones filled the air. They were under attack.
The rest of the group had now gathered around the windows, shielding their eyes from the fragmented glass that was being sprayed every time a crow landed a direct hit. They stared out in total bewilderment.
“Catherine what's going on?” Lauren asked with fear penetrating through every word.
“The curse of blood moon, phase two The Crows” Catherine whispered dejectedly.

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Amanda Turner, Age 38, married with 2 children. I decided last year to publish my first novel Midnight curse (The Witchlings #1). Blood moon (the Witchlings #2) is out 30th October and Shadowlands (The Witchlings #3) is scheduled for next spring.