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Before I get into my normal/ or not so normal blog post -

I want to  give some props to Canada
-apparently, they are digging my Gargoyles-


Thank YOU!



And speaking of people that are seriously awesome - 
I want to say a gargantuan THANK YOU!
 to the - Librarian Mouse  -Alaiel for her review of my book Gargoyle 
you can read the review here if you're interested.

And not only does she have incredible tastes in books *obviously* o_- 
she has some really cool stuff going on her blog as well. So you should really check out her site here whenever you get a chance.
Also she is having a really great giveaway right now  for a new release that looks (I'll be completely honest- * freaking amazing*) -the contest ends really soon -so hit the book to time warp through the blogosphere and enter now

Speaking of time -warps...guess what movie is hitting the theaters May 17th?

Oh yea, you guessed it. 

Let’s face it, when this movie first came out, and as a prequel no less, I have to admit I was leery. I am in no way a die-hard trekkie, but I do enjoy a well-directed/played out sci-fi from time to time.

 Even, hard-core Trekkie’s, have thrown some much deserved props to JJ Abrams on the last/first movie. Not only did he take away the normal - prequel (oh great I know how this is going to end), he kept us guessing at every turn without ruining the integrity of the original movie.Go Spock!  
Can JJ pull it off... again? + Time will tell + I am hopeful =
*Fingers Crossed*= "V" = "Live long and Prosper!"