Racing-Freebies and more

Big News!
Okay fine it’s NOT that big of news-
Forgotten Time is FINALLY FREE on Amazon (for a limited time) - so you should really snag a copy like soon. Seriously, who knows how long it will last…with Amazon you never, ever know= crap shoot. 

Also I can’t believe I forgot – PREAKNESS is Saturday!

For those of you not familiar with Preakness – Preakness is a Horse Race-and not just any race- it is the second leg of the U.S. Triple Crown – not as fashionable as the Derby but still an event worth mentioning –
If you are venturing for the first time to Preakness and have decided to hang on the infield (I highly recommend this) you will become one of the masses. Shopping carts + coolers = highly lucrative day’s work for some. 
Rules to live by for Preakness – never, ever use the JJ without a blocker, seriously, I am not kidding or the triple J’s will get you- yeah, they exist, they are the Jiffy John Jokester’s = lame name + not enough caffeine = brain is constipated
It’s true, they will descend upon an unwitting victim and flip the Jiffy John over on the door side while you are inside, leaving you trapped, with hundreds, thousands, of feces pouring forth from the stink hole from hell. Seriously, I am not kidding it does happen. *I’ve seen it* (whispered eerily like Haley Joel Osmet from M Knight Shyalaman 6th sense “I see dead people”) yea like that. So consider yourselves warned.

Moving along through the masses, you will stumble i.e. trip over several squatters these are the people who have become too drunk to move back to their designated area = square + patch of dead grass + police tape = your home for the day. The best course of action here is to = cop a squat yourself or simply take the long way around= they won’t move…ever. 
Also if you are a male be on the lookout for the exhibitionists = drunken females + topless + playing chicken = happy, happy, happy men.
Needless to say Preakness is an event like no other  = fun people+ frosty beverages + good food + racing + unspoiled crowd
= one not to miss 

List of contenders ie Horses
List of Stars showing ie eye candy 
How the race will play out...maybe...

First - Orb
Place - Goldencents
Show - Oxbow

My underdog pick for Preakness 

First - Oxbow

Place - Orb
Show - Governor Charlie

Happy Friday!