What began with the bestselling eBook – Until Next Time – continues in Gilded Wings…

When Matt and Emily are sent on their second mission they have no idea how truly dark human nature can become…

Emily never wanted to face humans again. With the heartache that went on down below, she’s still trying to figure out how to save souls that don’t deserve saving. The only one she wants to see again is Jason - the young man she fell in love with who became the soulmate she simply can’t forget…

Matt was trained to protect and defend the souls down below. Longing to feel the heartfelt emotions that come from being human, Matt wants nothing more than to have just one life - one chance - to live and love the girl of his dreams…

The powerful team find themselves in a brand new century, living in the Gilded Age of New York City. Emily takes over the body of Anya, a young Russian girl who arrives on Ellis Island after a hideous tragedy. There she meets up with a strangely familiar young man by the name of Drew Parrish, who helps Anya survive in an unknown world of luxury, snobbery and…obsession.

What Anya’s inner angel doesn’t know is that the soul she loves is also back. This time around Jason goes by the name of Max Carrow. Once a quiet and kind boy, he’s now part of the ‘Four Hundred Club,’ and wants nothing more than to be among the most admired as he climbs the shaky ladder of society’s elite.

As two worlds merge, Emily and Matt struggle under the weight of their “Gilded Wings.” Not only will they have to figure out who they should fight to save, but they must also face a romantic choice that could destroy them both.

Gilded Wings Will Arrive On November 1st, 2012!

Sneak Peek - Excerpt Gilded Wings

Excerpt -gilded wings

Matthew took a deep breath and threw his sword on the ground. The fight wasn’t exhausting but the pain that flowed from Emily’s soul devastated him. The fire that burned in his belly – the jealousy that humanity had instilled – finally subsided. Now only her grief overwhelmed him. 
Matthew fell to the ground as Emily hovered above him, her sword aimed uselessly at his heart. The threat was clear and absolute, but they both knew that neither could strike a fatal blow. She couldn’t kill Matthew…unless he let her…and vice versa. Without their human shells they were both untouchable, because although a soul could be crushed, it could never be killed until it was void of faith. And Matthew knew he would always have faith…faith that he and Emily would one day be together.
         He stared up at her; sweat poured off his brow. “I love you.”
         Emily threw her sword aside. “I know that!” She screeched at him like a child who was sick of learning the same lesson over and over again. “I love you, too.”
Turning her body to his, he tightened his grip on her shoulders. “You don’t understand. I’m in love with you, Emily. The real kind.”
         A thunder clap resounded inside Emily’s soul as she realized that, either way, the feelings that Jason or Matthew spawned inside her made her forget. Jason could block the cries of others because Emily could melt into the world of passion. She’d never even seek to help another as long as she was immersed in that type of extreme love.
         Matthew’s love for her was the…same. Emily knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she could stand beside him in the depths of Hell, if need be. But, in the end, would still forsake all others in order to save his life.
Either way the end result would be the same…the angel would be of no use to anyone else. And that was the decision…the line that had to be crossed before this life came to an end.

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5 Stars!!

“From the very first page, I was hooked. The prologue alone got my imagination running wild. I knew exactly how I wanted the characters to look and how I felt about them. I instantly felt like I knew the characters, as if they were my best friends or real-life people. I couldn't get this novel out of my head - literally dreaming about it every night and reading it every spare minute I had.” – Novel d’Tales

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